The tragic story of Jeanette Marie Maples

She was a shy, quiet girl. Her classmates didn’t know so much about her, because she didn’t like to talk about herself. Her neighbors didn’t know her well, too. If they greeted her, she mostly didn’t greet back. It was not because she wanted to ignore them or to be rude. She was just scared.

Her name was Jeanette Marie Maples. She loved to read and she loved school. Actually, she was two times awarded for perfect attendance. But then, one day, she stopped coming to school. Her mother decided Jeanette would be homeschooled.

(Maybe you want to know, why I write about her. Well, if you read the first paragraph of this post, and replace “she” with “he” you would read about me. When I read about her case for the first time several years ago, I could really relate to her personality, because I was like that at her age. Shy, withdrawn, and too scared to say anything. And I was really hit by what happened to her. There is no excuse for anybody who failed to do something to help her. The authorities were notified, but they failed to act.

Many scenes in my book The Fathers Belt; A diary of an Abused Child are inspired by what happened to her, too)

To continue; one year forward, she was found by paramedics like this:

*the rest of this post can be strongly triggering and disturbing, so if you feel such content can upset you or trigger your own memories or trauma, please don’t continue reading

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