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I started this blog with two goals in my mind; the first one is to help to raise awareness about the child abuse problem, and the second one, is to give space to everybody who wants to say something about this topic. Please feel welcome to comment and discuss the blog posts I post here. If you suffer the abuse of any kind or are a child abuse survivor, please feel free to share your thoughts or feelings.

Let’s mention some facts first.
What is child abuse?
Child abuse occurs when someone causes injury, death, emotional harm, or the possibility of severe damage to a child, whether by action or failure to act domestic violence happens when child abuse occurs in the home. The abuser is, for example, the child’s parent or caregiver. However, children are sometimes abused by adults they depend on, such as daycare staff, teachers, and sports coaches. If parents or caregivers cannot care for the child, dysfunctional behavior and abuse may occur.
What are the types of child abuse?
Here are few types of child abuse:
● Physical abuse encompasses all sorts of physical aggression.
● Emotional or psychological abuse occurs when an adult scolds the child regularly, acts dismissively and hostilely towards the child, or purposely frightens the youngster.
● Physical neglect occurs when a youngster does not receive the necessary care.
● Emotional or psychological neglect is defined as a consistent absence of positive care for the youngster. This category also includes situations in which children see violence between their parents or caretakers. They are ignoring a child’s desire for affection, warmth, and security.
● Sexual abuse is defined as sexual interaction imposed on a youngster by an adult.
How can abuse affect the victim?
Well, this is a very complex question. There are many articles and studies about this (for example one can be found here: https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubpdfs/long_term_consequences.pdf)
In short, survivors of child abuse often experience depression, anxiety, insecurity in relationships, and many develop PTSD. And last, but not least, some abuse survivors become abusers themselves. We can say, being abused as a child can leave scars for the whole life.

Dear visitor, I want you to feel welcomed on this website. And I will repeat, feel free to comment, share your thoughts or just say hello.